Our Vision

The vision of the Sustainable Investment Club is to bring the students of the University of St. Gallen closer to the world of sustainable finance. Furthermore we want to embrace mainstream finance and sustainability as not mutually exclusive but as complementary to each other.

Our Mission

Through company events with sustainable financial institutions, we show students ways into and about sustainable finance. The main focus is on promoting the students' careers through workshops and expanding their knowledge through informative keynotes.

Green Balconies

Our Values


Probably the most obvious value, which is not only reflected in the name but also by the lived attitude of the individual members. We feel committed to all categories of the ESG principles.


As an association at the University of St. Gallen, it is fundamental and decisive that origin, gender and religion should not play a role.


In the association itself, the classic Chatham House rules apply to events and aperitifs. Nobody may be attacked afterwards because of his statements.


Integrity is considered a core value in the selection process of partners and events and in every interaction with our members. We explicitly do not want to be supported by companies that are known for green washing.